Sometimes, manufacturers evenly pack figures in cases. (This means there's the same number of each figure in the case.) When a new item is released and arrives at our warehouse, we verify the case breakdown (the number of each character in a case). If it's an evenly packed case, we'll often split it up and sell the figures as a complete set. If it's not even, we'll continue to sell it as a full case.

All figures are sent to us from manufacturers in full cases. Many larger manufacturers sell figures with the intention that these are actually toys designed for kids to play with (sorry, adults!). Because of this very important reason, you'll find mixed ratios of figures in cases that aren't necessarily what we and you as collectors would want. With Star Wars, for example, Hasbro intentionally releases action figure cases with more of the main, common, more popular characters then the odd, rarer. less popular characters. Main, common, more popular characters end up on the shelves of retailers where kids recognize and buy more of them.

Collectors, on the other hand, tend to want one of every character. Because Hasbro won't change their ways, we felt the only way to give collectors what they wanted was to offer full cases of figures for sale. We were one of the first companies to offer full cases of action figures when we launched in 1996.

These cases come straight from the manufacturer to us, are inspected for Mint Condition, and are reshipped to you. We don't look for variations or remove the short-packed rare items. So, collectors will get at least one of every action figure in that particular "wave" of release. Because manufacturers can and do change characters and case breakdowns prior to the actual release date, we sell these cases with a "subject to change" warning. We sell full cases so the prices for all figures, rare and common alike, remain the same. We've created a win-win situation for every collector! You pay retail price for all action figures, but you don't have to spend time hunting around for them.