When a manufacturer releases a single figure in a solid-case pack (all figures in the case are the same figure), we sell the figure individually in mint condition.

When we receive not-mint cases from the manufacturer, we open them and sell these figures individually in not-mint condition. These not-mint figures are only available in limited numbers and might not be added to our website for a significant time after the initial release.

When we have a large number of cases that can be divided into individual figures without the possibility of creating a short-pack problem, we sell these figures individually in either mint or not-mint condition. A short-pack problem usually happens on newer cases of action figures where every collector wants a certain figure but the manufacturer only includes one in a case of 12 or 16. This creates more demand than supply. While other dealers of action figures significantly increase the price of these items, we don't. We sell these rare items in sets or cases.