One of the mysteries of the toy business is how manufacturers determine whether a product is a permanent offering ("evergreen" product) or is part of a short run. It's not uncommon for an item to be offered only as a seasonal item or a tie-in to a movie or video release.

Currently, no major action figure line available in the USA has any evergreen offering. Most (but not all) toys cease production within about six months of their first appearance on the market. When demand exists, many manufacturers "refresh" the market with new versions of old characters or with old toys in new packaging. For example, Hasbro brings back Darth Vader from Star Wars every few years and rarely is the world without at least one Buzz Lightyear toy on the market. In the interest of providing kids, collectors, and toy fans of all ages the widest selection of goods, the sales windows for these items tend to be short, and many items are gone forever once they sell out (or in some cases, pre-sell out). Therefore, you might wish to take advantage of our email reminders to keep you informed as new items become available or if old items see production again. The latter is uncommon, but it does happen!