A lot of toy manufacturers prefer to give their product dimensions relative to a real-world measurement and not in the actual inches (or centimeters) that the toy may measure. As some figures are sitting, lying down, or bending over, the "height" might be misleading. It could be a very substantial figure, but as it's bending over in half, it seems smaller. So, to help you determine how big some items are, we have this handy chart. Keep in mind that for the sake of this chart, we're assuming that 1:1 is a 6-foot tall person and 1:6 scale is 12-inches tall. (Naturally, some statues may be shorter. So, these are not exact measurements.)

  • 1:6 scale: 12-inches tall (the size of a large G.I. Joe and the scale of most Gentle Giant mini-busts, which are about 6-inches tall)
  • 1:12 scale: 6-inches tall (roughly the size of Hasbro Marvel Legends action figures)
  • 1:18 scale: 4-inches tall (roughly the size of Hasbro Star Wars action figures)
  • 1:64 scale: 1 1/8-inches tall (sized to be in proportion to Hot Wheels cars)