To understand why most action figures, toys, and the like are not available in mint condition from most of our competitors, you need to know where these items come from and how they get to your door.

Most items we sell are made in China. Unlike electronics, computers, or other consumer appliances, toys are typically mass-produced, packaged, and placed in cardboard/corrugated boxes (aka "cases") without additional padding or foam. Why? Because toys are usually meant to be opened and played with by children. They're not designed for us collectors to keep.

These items are thrown on a ship in China, come across the stormy Pacific Ocean, arrive in Seattle or Long Beach, California, are tossed onto trucks, and arrive at a manufacturer's domestic warehouse. They're then sorted and pitched onto new trucks that deliver them to our warehouse. It's only at our warehouse that we inspect each and every item for its condition, because no other party along the delivery route really cares about the condition of the packaging. After all, these items are generally meant to be opened and played with by children. 

This example is important because when you receive a product from us, it may indeed have a small scratch or dent on the window box or a slight crease in the cardboard. This is perfectly normal and usually indicates that the entire batch - thousands of units - is in exactly the same condition or worse. In this situation, our Mint Condition Guarantee™ means that the items we ship to you will be items that are in the best condition possible.