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Palisades Toys | Buffy / Angel | Mini-Figures

Buffy PALz Series 2 Mini Figure Set

Buffy PALz Series 2 Mini Figure Set
Sold Out - For Informational Purposes Only 
This item is NOT FOR SALE. We do not expect any further shipments of this item and are keeping it on our website for informational purposes only.

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Buffy PALz Series 2 Mini Figure Set Description:
Welcome back to the Hellmouth with Palisades Toys' second series of Buffy the Vampire Slayer PALz, featuring characters from the groundbreaking second season of Buffy. Like the first series, each of these new Buffy PALz will include all of the additional body and clothing parts to "transform" the character, a bunch of cool accessories, and brand new exclusive collectible cards from Inkworks. You can ONLY get these character cards in these figure sets!

As an added bonus, each PALz figure in Series 2 includes an additional PALz body part. When all six of these body parts are collected, you will be able to "re-assemble" The Judge, the indestructible demon pieced together by Spike and Drusilla in the episode entitled "Surprise".

This set of 6 Series 2 PALz includes: 1x Buffy, 1x Spike, 1x Jenny, 1x Drusilla, 1x Oz (standard or repaint) and 1x Cordelia. NOTE: THE OZ REPAINT FIGURE IS NOT GUARANTEED TO BE IN THIS SET! PURCHASING THE CASE IS THE ONLY WAY TO BE SURE YOU GET THE OZ REPAINT FIGURE.

Buffy: The chosen one herself, as she appeared in Season 2! Create either Classic Buffy OR build Judge-Destroying Buffy!

Jenny Calendar: One of Giles' colleagues at Sunnydale High. Jenny Calendar has a secret past which connects her with the vampire, Angel! Create either Classic Miss Calendar OR build "Date With Destiny" Miss Calendar!

Oz: Season 2 introduced a love-interest for Willow in the shy, laconic guitarist, Oz. But Oz had a few secrets of his own. Create either Classic Oz OR build Werewolf Oz!

Drusilla: Drusilla was tortured and driven crazy by Angel before being turned into a Vampire. Though physically weak when she arrives in Sunnydale, Drusilla is still a dangerous threat to Buffy and her pals. Create either Human-Faced Drusilla OR build Vampire Drusilla!

Spike: Sired by Drusilla in the 1800's, Spike (who earned his nickname by torturing victims with a railroad Spike) is notorious for having killed two slayers, and comes to Sunnydale looking to bring the total to three! Create either Human-Faced Spike OR build Vampire Spike!

Cordelia: The most popular girl at Sunnydale High. Cordelia Chase reluctantly found herself in the company of the Slayerettes throughout Season 2. Create either Fashion-plate Cordelia OR build Cheerleader Cordelia!

News Archive:

Buffy PALz Series 2 Figures! 7/4/2005
HOT OFF THE TRUCK! Vampires! Cheerleaders! And they're in block form! Palisades' Buffy PALz Series 2 Mini Figure Set includes tons of parts for these mini figures to make them human, or something more. From the second season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Oz can be his normal self or a Werewolf, Spike can be a Vampire or a less ferocious Vampire, and each figure is loaded with accessories and includes a bonus trading card.

The set includes 6 figures: 1x Buffy, 1x Spike, 1x Jenny Calendar, 1x Oz, 1x Drusilla, 1x Cordelia.

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