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GeekMan Action Figure

GeekMan Action Figure
Sold Out - For Informational Purposes Only 
This item is NOT FOR SALE. We do not expect any further shipments of this item and are keeping it on our website for informational purposes only.

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GeekMan Action Figure Description:
He'll talk geeky to you. A geek superhero and light-hearted take on techy types, GeekMan is a 6-inch tall plastic action figure that can be posed in lots of nerdy positions. He comes equipped with 5 'weapons' of wisdom and tech gadgetry, features 12 points of articulation, and includes an owner's manual. You'll love learning about his geeky super powers, vulnerabilities, and catch phrases.

GeekMan's 5 'Weapons' of Wisdom and Tech Gadgetry include: Visual Input Device (removable glasses), PDA (handheld computer), Cerebral I/O and Trusty Sidekick (laptop), Geek Battery Charger (coffee mug), and Wristwatch.

GeekMan's PDA attaches by the magic of magnetism to his tech gadget belt at 3 different locations. His removable thick, black Glasses and Wristwatch each attach like the real life versions; his Laptop opens and closes and is powered by OSes of all stripes.


In the deep recesses of computer lairs exists a true, modern-day superhero. With more brain power than Deep Blue and faster than a TCP/IP packet, he can author code in a flash, leap over server racks with a pogo stick, and battle technical holy wars while sipping on a latte.

AKA: propeller head, computer nerd, uber geek

ungodly coding abilities; opposite sex repulsion; analytical reasoning; ability to create technical acronyms; less than ideal personal hygiene routine

wedgies; dodge balls; unknown questions of existence; girls of the Internet

"Techno-nerd powers, activate!"
"That's not a bug, it's a feature.

Activities to Share with your GeekMan

Stand-in at meetings
Not excited about the next marketing or engineering meeting? Have a client who sucks your life-force at every encounter? Send in GeekMan as your Geek double. Your colleagues may notice that you've shrunk a little, but they'll also appreciate your sudden ability to listen to all their technical issues.
Decorating Cubes
1 in 87 interior decorators agree: nothing creates an atmosphere quite like your GeekMan. Whether he's standing watch over your desk and ‘puter, warding off evil by acting as a gargoyle on your monitor, or just hanging out on your walls, he brings his unique brand of elegance and charm to all your surroundings.

Opposite Sex Magnetic Factor
Let's face it – what attracts the cute women or men more than playing with an action figure? Or, if you're companion challenged, you can invite GeekMan on a date (it's better than the imaginary friend you brought last time!) Plus, he's cute, somewhat cuddly, he's a cheap date (doesn't need to eat, and you can sneak him into the movies for free!) and he fits in your back pocket.

Waging Wars and Battles
The terminal junkie from down the hall causing you grief? End users won't leave you alone? Other toys picking on you? Then sic your GeekMan Action Figure on them. With one glance from his nerdy eyes and the power of his gadgetry, your villains will scamper away in awe and confusion. Or, they'll think you're mentally unbalanced, and never bother you again. Either way, you win!

Confessional and Public Speaking Practice
Your GeekMan, due to the fact that he's entirely composed of inert plastic, is an excellent listener. If you need to confess your sins against technology (such as being forced to install inferior software against your will, or practicing less than ideal coding formatting), GeekMan will listen without judgment. If you need to practice your next technical symposium lecture or engineering presentation, why not practice with GeekMan first? He'll help you visualize a room full of techies.

> Gadget One-Upmanship
Borrow GeekMan's notebook or handheld for your next meeting. You can tell non-geeks that it's the latest in electronics engineering – super-ultra-high-density-nanocomputing.

Stress Management
Stress rising? Problems coming out of the woodwork? Assign GeekMan to the task. Instead of asking people to ‘tell it to the hand', ask them to ‘tell it to GeekMan'. It's hard to justify arguing with a 6" tall plastic action figure, unless you're in a straightjacket.

News Archive:

The Geek Shall Inherit The Earth 9/6/2006
If you've ever needed a computer fixed, a server rebooted, or a servery query run, you probably know someone who's a little bit like the GeekMan Action Figure. (Or maybe there's a little bit of him in you!) This 6-inch tall figure is armed with his laptop and his favorite beverage, and he's going to solve all your problems. Or perhaps fight Skeletor-- he's your action figure, you can do what you will with him!

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