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HeroScape Thora's Vengeance Expansion Set

HeroScape Thora's Vengeance Expansion Set
Sold Out - For Informational Purposes Only 
This item is NOT FOR SALE. We do not expect any further shipments of this item and are keeping it on our website for informational purposes only.

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HeroScape Thora's Vengeance Expansion Set Description:
Build your kingdom and defend it with HeroScape! This expansion set includes 4 individually packaged sets for use in the game HeroScape: Soulborgs, Gladiators and Agents, Warriors and Soulborgs, and Ninjas and Samurai. (Subject to change.) Each character includes interlocking terrain tile, army card, and a special power glyph. Ages 8 and up. For 2 or more players. The greatest battle of all time just got better!

Surround your enemy with Soulborg powers.
Their power-enhancing bonding abilities make these warriors a commanding force on the battlefield. Deathstalkers possess Maul power, which can inflict triple the damage and nullify the enemy's defense. With their Homing Device, Blastatrons empower their brothers-in-arms with extra moves and attack strength. Could this be the edge you've been looking for?

Enemies beware of these powerful Gladiators and Agents.
Any who approach these warriors should use extreme caution. They could be blinded by the Nakita Agents' smoke powder. Or lose their defense powers in the massive net of Retiarius. Or be overpowered by the intensified battle skills of Gladiators inspired by Spartacus. And the mighty shield of Crixus can fend off even the most vicious attacks.

Power your army with Warriors and Soulborgs.
Warriors of Ashra: Their powers of defensive agility serve these tricky elven warriors well in battle. When attacked, they react swiftly and often escape injury.
Deathreavers: These Soulborgs travel quickly, defend well in battle, and never take engagement hits. When attacked, they scatter up to 4 spaces making these robotic rodents difficult to pursue.

Power your army with Ninjas and Samurai.
Ninjas of the Northern Wind: With their power to disappear and to walk through friendly or enemy forces, these sly, unpredictable warriors can be almost impossible to track.
Kozuki Samurai: When attacking, these warriors can charge up to 3 extra spaces. When defending, their special counterattack power enables them to strike back with deadly force.

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