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Spawn Series 30 Action Figures Case

Spawn Series 30 Action Figures Case
Sold Out - For Informational Purposes Only 
This item is NOT FOR SALE. We do not expect any further shipments of this item and are keeping it on our website for informational purposes only.

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Spawn Series 30 Action Figures Case Description:
Spawn Series 30 Action Figures Case. Includes 12 individually packaged action figures: Redeemer, Overtkill, Omega, Tiffany, Cy-Gor and Spawn X. (Subject to change.)

Redeemer is an immortal warrior who has fought alongside the Forces of Light since before recorded time, the Redeemer has chosen to leave his post as a member of the Council of Light and join SPAWN X's crusade- placing himself between Mankind and the blind hatred shared by his former people and the Forces of Darkness. Accessories include 2 interchangeable heads, (helmet/no helmet), and a sword.

Overtkill is part human, part robot. Overtkill is the world's most notorious arms dealer and his association with Mammon and the Forces of Darkness goes back many years. A one-time golden boy of the United States military machine, Overtkill gaines his first artificial "upgrade" as part of a clandestine government project titled "CODENAME." Overtkill comes with 4 interchangeable hands (fists/axe/chainsaw).

Omega Spawn is a machine from the future that was given life by one of the 13 Relics of Ruin, Omega Spawn traveled back through time to aid Al Simmons in his noble cause. Omega Spawn also commands the Omega Squadron, a collection of robots he has created in his own image. Omega Spawn includes 4 interchangeable hands (fists/plasma cannons).

Tiffany the Amazon is a longtime and legendary warrior on the side of Good, Tiffany has recently chosesn to offer her allegiance to Mammon. Her deceit not yet known to her former friends and allies in the Council of Light, the time draws near when her sword will announce her newfound intentions. Figure also includes bladed weapons.

Cy-gor is a cybernetically-enchance gorilla with a mental capacity to rival Albert Einstein, Codename: Cy-GOR was a U.S. military experiment gone wrong. A beast removed from its natural station in life and turned into a living, thinking, weapon, Cy-Gor went berserk during a field training exercise and escaped from the confines of the hidden lab which house him (and others like him) - but not before killing 47 soldiers, scientists and civilians.

A hero born, former soldier Al Simmons was granted amazing powers wehn he became forever connected to the Necro Stone, one of the 13 Relics of Ruin. Able to call upon the power of a unique and very powerful living costume, Al protects the universe as the avenger of innocence, Spawn X. The figure includes 2 interchangeable heads (masked/unmasked), and 4 interchangeable hands (closed fists/open fists), and 2 weapons.

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