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PLEASE NOTE: Items in the archive are SOLD OUT. They are NOT FOR SALE. We do not expect any further shipments of these items and are keeping them on our website for informational purposes only.

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Xevoz Thunder Shaman - Meta Beast Action Figure

Xevoz Thunder Shaman - Meta Beast Action Figure
Sold Out - For Informational Purposes Only 
This item is NOT FOR SALE. We do not expect any further shipments of this item and are keeping it on our website for informational purposes only.

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Xevoz Thunder Shaman - Meta Beast Action Figure Description:
Note: Hasbro has discontinued Xevoz. Once these Hasbro Xevoz items are gone, they'll be gone forever!

Multiple fighting figures in one! This remarkable Thunder Shaman - Meta Beast contains 1x unassembled 5-inch scale figure with interchangeable parts, accessories, game components, decals, and a complete data file. Now you can construct new and different-looking toys without using paint, glue, or anything but your own two hands and this pile of plastic parts. Buy, build, and enjoy your own customized action figures!

Custom-design your own unique action figure. Then fight it against a friend with Xevoz battling figure kits! The snap-together ball-and-socket system makes for easy assembly, outstanding poseability, and flexible interchangeability. Each character comes with an array of Power Parts-- the key to battle strategy. You decide which ones to include in your figure. Then construct a matching Battle Helix to roll like dice in combat with your opponent! Combine parts from multiple Xevoz kits and try out new character and Battle Helix configurations as your skills and strategy improve. It's a totally new challenge in every contest!

News Archive:

Save Big On This Ape! 3/18/2007
For a limited time you can save 24% on one of our all-time bestsellers! The Xevoz Thunder Shaman - Meta Beast is a big ape with lots of fun parts. He includes 3 interchangeable heads, tons of weapons, and can be mixed-and-matched with other Xevoz action figures (sold separately). This figure is so much fun, you won't be able to put it down-- you can keep moving him and reshaping him, making him a staple in your toy box, or your desk at work.

You'll Go Ape... Spit Over Xevoz! 5/7/2006
Who doesn't love to monkey around at the office? The simian fun you'll find in the Xevoz Thunder Shaman - Meta Beast makes it the perfect gift for a kid's birthday, a friend at the office, or even yourself! This stylized ape action figure includes tons of parts, weapons, and swappable heads and is made of durable plastic allowing it to live through the most rough-and-tumble sandbox play, or to live through the rigors of your office.

The Thunder Shaman has individually articulated fingers for every gesture you can imagine, as well as three heads, feet that can grab things, and more! The three heads really make this figure, as you can pick him to have the basic Gorilla head, a nifty Chimpanzee head (complete with little red fez hat), or an angry Baboon head, complete with a mouth that opens and closes!

If you're a collector, or a kid, you just can't miss out on this awesome figure. If you buy other Xevoz toys, you can switch heads, arms, weapons, legs, and more between them to make your own creations!

IN STOCK NOW! It's the Mr. Potato Head of action figures-- it's the Xevoz Thunder Shaman - Meta Beast! This great figure has 3 interchangeable heads, moving fingers, several weapons, feet that can grip accessories, a backpack, and so much more. Each figure can be popped apart and redesigned any way you see fit, and can even use bits from other Xevoz figures. As an added bonus, the Xevoz Thunder Shaman has one of the finest figure heads ever-- a chimpanzee wearing a bright red fez. How can you say "no" to such a charming simian? Order now, offer expires while you wait!

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