1966 Batman TV Series Comes to Life as Spectacular Busts

Holy Bat-busts, Batman!

These fantastic 1966 Batman TV Series Busts feature the best characters from the 1966 Batman television series, designed by Barry Bradfield and sculpted by Jean St. Jean. Each bust sits atop a base inspired by the show’s famous opening animation.

The Adam West Mini-Bust showcases the Caped Crusader himself, as portrayed by Adam West. This mini-bust measures about 6 inches tall and will be the keystone to your Batman collection. The Bat wears his iconic blue and grey suit with the yellow and black bat logo on the chest. He sits atop a base designed to look like Gotham City with the bat symbol emblazoned in the sky.

Continuing the 1966 Batman TV Series bust line in the ultimate wingman as the Classic Robin Bust! Batman’s sidekick Robin is the next 6 inch resin bust. Based on the Boy Wonder as portrayed by Burt Ward, this Robin Bust is the perfect companion to the Adam West Mini-Bust. Batman will need the Boy Wonder’s help once the villains arrive!

The next bust is no joke. It’s The Joker Cesar Romero Mini-Bust, depicting the Joker as played by Cesar Romero, complete with painted over moustache.

Riddle me this, riddle me thus – it’s the 1966 Riddler Bust! Joining the Joker in the ranks of Batman’s greatest foes, this bust of an unmasked, unhinged Riddler, as portrayed by Frank Gorshin, measures approximately 6 inches tall atop a base. It’s the answer to what to get if you’re a Batman fan!

The Batman busts are currently available at Entertainment Earth. Collect all 4 exemplary Batman busts today!

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