Your Guide to the Controller: 2014 in Video Games

It’s undisputed that 2014 was a big year in video games. In a year of transitions, consoles that once felt new are now the status quo. Original concepts are vital to a game’s success, with mythical lore as the forefront of features. With so much change in the gaming industry, we are now posed with the question of which game came out on top among all others in 2014 – and boy, this is a rough one. Hang tight, and check out our list of 2014’s best video games!

10. Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare: With all the charm of classic Plants vs. Zombies and the perceived gore of a third-person shooter, you might think this game is a bit of an oxymoron. Yet, with free extra content, limited microtransactions, and truly delightful gameplay, we might just look the other way…

9. Dark Souls II: The famously challenging action-adventure game returns, to the delight of many gamers. If you’re not into the gaming experience of dying, dying, and dying again, maybe you should turn 180 degrees and run away. However, for those who like medieval action gaming that tests your skills, this one is certainly for you.

8. Mario Kart 8: Ahh, Mario Kart! A game all about the survival of the fittest as you drift, glide, and ride your way to victory, racing against the clock to defeat your foes. The cute characters? It’s all deception, my friend. Get ready for a wild ride.

7. Transistor: A science fiction action role playing video game, Transistor utilizes an isometric point of view. The player controls the character Red as she battles enemies known as “The Process” in both real-time combat and frozen planning mode. With more than thirty achievements attainable, you’re bound to be hooked for hours on end!

6. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare: An exceptional cinematic experience coupled with new mechanics to top-notch shooting controls, this iteration of the popular gaming series is bound to “wow” players.

5. Destiny: A first-person shooter set in a mythic science fiction setting, Destiny marked Bungie’s first new franchise since the Halo series. The game features a massive-multiplayer “shared world” environment with all of the crucial elements of role-playing games, reminiscent of Halo’s plot-rich and invigorating experience.

4. Dragon Age: Inquisition: A modern take on the RPG genre, Dragon Age: Inquisition does an incredible job of creating an epic gaming experience with its hybrid combat system, the ability to tinker with various classes, and the relationships you can form with other characters. If you enjoyed Mass Effect, this one’s for you.

3. Bayonetta 2: Enjoy some fun, fast-paced action reminiscent of Devil May Cry. Considered by many to be the best pure action game of the year, Bayonetta 2 brings the beloved Bayonetta back into action in all her glory.

2. Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor: A cross between Tolkien’s world with a dark and serious action-based game, those who enjoy open-world, action-adventure games will like this one. Mess with Orc politics via sabotage and mind control as the undead ranger Talion and you’ll have a great time. After all, one does not simply walk into Mordor – unless you’re Talion.

1. Super Smash Bros: Bring laughs, screams, and bonding moments to your living room with Nintendo’s fighting game in its Wii U debut. Smack around your friends and family with classic Nintendo characters while enjoying the polish, solid mechanics and addicting gameplay that comes with Super Smash Bros. Friends, this is the game of the year.

Tell us: Do you agree with our count-down? What would you change? Excited for 2015’s year of gaming? Let us know in the comments below!



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