Attend a Masquerade Ball with Stunning New Disney Statues

Disney Masquerade Statues

Your favorite Disney characters are attending a ball! See them dressed up as part of the Couture de Force collection with Disney Showcase Masquerade Statues from Enesco!

What would a ball be without princesses? Two of Disney’s earliest princesses, Snow White and Aurora, are both in attendance.

In her traditional colors of blue and yellow, Snow White stands 7 3/8-inches tall behind a white dove mask that reflects her beauty and innocence. She delicately holds on to her dress, hoping for a dance with her prince.

Standing 8 1/8-inches tall, Aurora wears pink – much to the chagrin of Merryweather. Her mask depicts a moon and dazzling stars as she holds her other hand up to her face to hide a smile.

Peter Pan’s fairy, Tinker Bell, has left Neverland for an evening of dancing. Her gorgeous dress, partially made of leaves, trails behind her with a slit up the side. Her purple and blue butterfly mask can rotate to reveal her true beauty. At 7 5/8-inches tall, she coyly steps inside, ready to have fun.

Unfortunately, to plague our heroes, the Evil Queen, Maleficent, and Captain Hook arrive!

The Evil Queen regally stands 8 1/8-inches tall in her purple gown, eyes always on the lookout for Snow White. You can rotate her hag mask to reveal her sinister face, certainly not the fairest one of all.

With green flames licking the bottom of her dress, Maleficent is a sight to behold. No detail is overlook with this statue, including her dragon mask. She stands 8 3/8-inches tall.

Lastly, the extravagant Captain Hook looks dapper in his red coat, white feather, and pirate ensemble! He stands 9-inches tall and carries a crocodile mask.

Attend the ball for yourself with these statues, which are currently available at Entertainment Earth where in-stock orders of $79 or more receive free shipping.

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