Little Iron Man and Thanos Make Big Impacts as New Skottie Young-Inspired Statues

Iron Man Thanos Skottie Young Statues

Joining his fellow crime-fighter Captain America is everyone’s favorite billionaire playboy philanthropist Tony Stark, who blasts off as this new Iron Man Marvel Skottie Young Animated Statue from Gentle Giant.

Clad in his distinctive “hot rod” red and bright yellow super-suit, this 5-inch tall Iron Man will catch eyes and turn heads.

Zooming off a round black base and inspired by artwork from fan favorite Skottie Young, it’s clear this little Iron Man isn’t about to waste time waiting for his teammates. They’ll have to hurry if they want a piece of the action.

Perhaps he’s got his cybernetic eye on “Mad Titan” Thanos, looking a bit smaller than usual and quite smug with his fancy purple balloon. The Thanos Marvel Skottie Young Animated Statue measures 5 3/4-inches tall and promises to stand out on any shelf with his bright yellow and blue costume. (The yellow really compliments the blood red of his eyes, don’t you think?)

Digitally sculpted and crafted on state of the art 3D Systems printers, these two are limited edition figures coming December 2016. So be sure to fly over to Entertainment Earth to pre-order yours today!

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