ICYMI: Entertainment Earth Exclusive SDCC Videos

Behind the Scenes Look at the SDCC Mattel Booth with Bill Miekina

Mattel truly brings their A-game to SDCC! Veteran designer and Comic-Con attendee Bill Miekina talks to Entertainment Earth about his personal collection and some of his plans for what’s coming up next. Best of all, he walks us through the eye-opening displays at the massive Mattel Booth. Check out the video to see some of the most thrilling pop-culture mash-ups imaginable, as WWE wrestlers take on the roles of the Ghost Busters and the Masters of the Universe!

Weta Workshop Booth Tour & Exclusive Interview at SDCC!

Wilf Robinson, the head of consumer products at Weta Workshop takes Entertainment Earth through the amazing world of their SDCC 50 booth! Their jaw-dropping poly-stone sculpted collectibles on display are made with amazing craftsmanship, including figures from the upcoming Dark Crystal series. The unmistakable quality of Weta’s work is clear from the look they give us at their available and upcoming products!

Behind The Scenes look at QMx SDCC Booth & Interview with Mark Robben!

Mark Robben of QMx takes Entertainment Earth on a behind the scenes look of their amazing presence at SDCC. He talks about how amazing it is to encounter their projects in their full three-dimensions, rather than just browsing them on a computer screen. With great views of their amazing sculpts, he covers some of the exciting developments in their Star Trek, Batman, and other lines of their upcoming projects, and why pushing the envelope is so important in the world of collecting.

Behind the Scenes at the Beeline Creative SDCC Booth & Star Wars: Rise of the Skywalker Geeki Tikis!

Deep in the Star Wars pavilion of SDCC 50, Brandon Giraldez of Beeline Creative takes us on an amazing journey into their booth and the Rise of Skywalker. Their line of Geeki Tikis hit a high note with their 40oz Millennium Falcon punch bowl, but there are many more whimsical mugs for the serious collector to gawk at, covering their booth. They even have exclusive tikis tied in with the upcoming Episode IX! With over 150 licenses, you can bet that Geeki Tikis has a tiki mug perfect for your collection!

An Inside Look at the Marvel Legends Diorama at SDCC!

Marvel Legends took over Hasbro’s SDCC booth with an intricate diorama that is hard to be believed. Tony Colella takes Entertainment Earth on a journey through the diorama that took him over six months to plan and two days to construct, along with an untold amount of hot glue sticks. With over 200 figures, the looks we get of this collectible work of art are a thrill to behold!

Behind the Scenes Look at the Hasbro Star Wars Black Series Diorama at SDCC!

Sam Smith of Hasbro takes us on a deep dive of the bombastic Star Wars Black Series Diorama that dominates the landscape of the Hasbro Booth at SDCC 50! Sharing some of his favorite collectibles, he also details some of the involved work that went into constructing this action-packed diorama. Showcasing the fan-funded Jabba’s Sail Barge, this thrilling diorama features tons of Black Series exclusives as well as vintage figures, this is one of the greatest playsets you can imagine.

Talking All Things Funko at SDCC With Ashley Anderson!

The Funko Booth comes to life in this video with Ashley Anderson’s overview. Anderson details the decision that Funko made to create their first-ever double-decker booth at SDCC and what advantages that change has brought to their presence this year. She also hints at a few details about the amazing things coming up for Funko and shows off a couple of thrilling Entertainment Earth exclusives that can’t be missed!

SDCC Survival Tips & More With Sully From Funko!

Chris Sully takes Entertainment Earth on a tour of the exciting happenings at Funko’s second Comic-Con booth! For the first time ever, Funko expanded their presence by spreading across the convention center. He also gives us a look at the first Comic-Con Pop! Vinyl figures to emerge onto the scene, as Batman carries a Comic-Con bag and bringing the Comic-Con mascot to Vinyl. He also shares some of his favorite booths to visit and why.

Into the Funkoverse: What We Learned about the Strategy Game from One of the Creators!

Chris Rowlands, the lead game designer of the newly announced Funkoverse visits with Entertainment Earth to talk about this sprawling new project! Bringing everything you love about Pop! Figures and everything you love about tactical games into one gaming system. Described as a love letter to collectors and gamers, this first-look hints at some of the excitement coming out of Funko at SDCC!



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