BT21 Funko Pop!s Are Here and Cuter Than Ever!

Global superstars BTS cleverly partnered with LINE FRIENDS to create their own characters and universe in BT21. Each member created their own character giving them quirky personalities and fun adorable looks. Check out the videos of the BTS members creating the BT21 characters:

BT21 has collabed with famed brands such as Anti Social Social Club, Hello Kitty, Uniqlo, Mediheal and many more. We are now super excited to announce that they are partnering with Funko Pop!s to create exclusive Funko Pop! vinyl figures that will be perfect for your desk, car, or table centerpiece.

Meet all the BT21 Funko Pop!s below:

TATA, an alien with a heart for a head (created by BTS’s V- Kim Taehyung)

TATA is a prince from planet BT and has limbs and a body that can bend/stretch along with supernatural powers. V has been drawing this character for years, he was very keen to create something unique.

CHIMMY, a playful puppy (Created by BTS’s Jimin – Park Jimin)

Adorable CHIMMY wears a yellow hoodie and is born with a passion to work hard on everything. While creating CHIMMY, Jimin said, “the animal that goes best with BTS is a puppy.” Adding, “we love to hang out, and we’re active, which reminds people of puppies.”

COOKY, the muscular bunny with a heart-shaped butt (Created by BTS’s Jungkook – Jeon Jungkook)

Jungkook created COOKY with the mindset to break stereotypes of cute bunnies and make a tough bunny. Jungkook is known for his intense workouts to maintain his six-pack, so in his initial sketches, he drew a rabbit with a six-pack.

SHOOKY, a cookie with attitude (Created by BTS’s SUGA – Min Yoongi)

This is not your average cookie, SHOOKY is a prankster. Tiny SHOOKY loves jokes, especially ones on friends. SHOOKY’S motto: NO MILK! During the initial sketching period, Suga drew his dog, Holly, but it looked too similar to other characters, so he drew lots of different expressions inspired by Holly that became the many faces of the cookie.

KOYA, a sleepy koala (Created by BTS’s RM – Kim Namjoon)

This smart sleepyhead Koala is named KOYA. This Koala is exceptionally bright and talented. The sleepy cutie is full of thoughts of sleeping. RM drew pages and pages of koalas in the creation stage, as he thinks koalas are super cute.

MANG, a mysterious dancer in a pony mask (Created by BTS’s Jhope – Jung Hosoek)

When dancing, MANG is cooler than ever. Veiled under a mask, MANG’s true identity remains a secret. The nose is heart-shaped because J-Hope is noted for his lips making a heart shape when he smiles.

RJ, an alpaca that LOVES food (Created by BTS’s Jin – Kim Seokjin)

Jin’s character creation is RJ, an alpaca who is the ultimate foodie. Covered in fluffy fur, RJ is the ultimate cute and comforting companion. Jin had been doodling cute alpacas for years before this collaboration, so he was thrilled to bring one to life.




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