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2023 Star Wars Toys and Collectibles

The Star Wars franchise is not slowing down anytime soon! With new movies and new Disney+ TV shows, there’s no better time to be a Star Wars fan. The newest additions to the Vintage Collection, the Black Series, the Retro collection, and more, have us more than excited! Check out these items below, and make sure to stick around to hear about upcoming releases too!

  • New Star Wars Action Figures
  • Funko Pop Star Wars Figures
  • Star Wars Toy News: Upcoming Releases
  • Popular Vintage Star War toys
  • Top Star Wars Ship Toys for 2023

New Star Wars Action Figures

The newest drop from Hasbro brought back some of our favorite characters from The Book of Boba Fett and The Mandalorian. Who doesn’t love to see characters like Grogu and Cad Bane? But, if you happen to be the type of collector who wants to take a trip back to the good ‘ol days, the Vintage Collection has something for you too! Take a look at the list below.

  • Star Wars The Vintage Collection Cad Bane 3 3/4-Inch Action Figure
    • Everyone’s favorite bad guy bounty hunter gets a Vintage Collection makeover in the newest drop of Hasbro Star Wars action figures. Complete with his signature outfit as well as two removeable blasters, Cad Bane is sure to be on any fan’s wishlist.
  • Star Wars The Black Series Luke Skywalker & Grogu 6-Inch Action Figures
    • If you already have Mando and Grogu, you absolutely need Luke and Grogu. The Master and Apprentice who met up during The Mandalorian season 2 look fantastic in their Black Series action figures! Luke’s Return of the Jedi outfit and Grogu’s adorable training backpack make you feel like you’ve jumped right into the show’s storyline.
  • Star Wars The Vintage Collection Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes 3 3/4-Inch Action Figures
    • Wish you could’ve attended one of their shows in the Mos Eisley Cantina? Now’s your chance to make the music come to life with this new 7 figure collection! Included as part of the Vintage Collection, Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes are all incredibly articulated and each come with their own instrument. Your collection will sure feel lively once these guys are involved.

Star Wars Funko Pop! Vinyl Figures

While the Star Wars action figures are all good and cool, some  collectors prefer the cute eyes of the Funko Pop! instead. Look no further, we’ve got some of the coolest Star Wars Pop!s around, plus some awesome Exclusives! Check out the list, now.

Star Wars Toy News: Upcoming Releases:

If you’re like us and you want the 411 on all Star Wars collectibles coming soon, don’t fret! Our Entertainment Earth Drop Zone keeps you in the know for all upcoming Star Wars launches! Get hyped for Ahsoka, Andor, The Mandalorian, and all the new Disney+ shows and movies, by paying attention to our Drop Zone!

Popular Vintage Star War Toys

While the Black Series and Funko Pop!s show off some of the best characters and moments of the series, no line of does a better job at capturing the nostalgia of those original Kenner Star Wars action figures than the Hasbro Star Wars Vintage Collection. Check out some of the best Vintage Collection Action Figures below.

Top Star Wars Ship Toys for 2023

One of the biggest draws of the Star Wars universe is its spaceships! There’s a reason the Millenium Falcon has become one of the most iconic ships around. Check out some of the most popular Star Wars ship toys below or head here to see everything available!


  • When did the first Star Wars action figures come out?
    • Star Wars action figures came out around the time of the original movie, back in 1977. The original Kenner toys ran from 1977- 1985 and included hundreds of action figures. Although Kenner no longer produces toys, you can find some awesome retro-styled action figures as part of the Hasbro Retro Collection or the Hasbro Vintage Collection. Each line does a fantastic job of bringing true fans back to the beginning, with state-of-the-art action figures packaged in some awesome retro-styled packaging. If you want to keep up with the consistent drops of Star Wars action figures, Star Wars collectibles, and more, keep an eye on our Drop Zone!
  • What is Star Wars Black Series?
    • Hasbro’s Star Wars The Black Series is a collection of Star Wars action figures, vehicles, prop replicas, and more! This series was developed in conjunction with Lucasfilm and Gentle Giant to create interesting, modern, and articulated collectibles. Having been around since 2013 to promote the release of The Force Awakens, The Black Series has grown into a beloved line of action figures.
  • Are all Star Wars Funko Pop!s bobbleheads?
    • Yes, all Star Wars Funko Pop!s are bobbleheads! These vinyl figures of our favorite Star Wars characters are already so adorable, but with the added bobblehead feature, they bump up to some of the zaniest little figures around!
  • What are the most popular Star Wars figures?
    • Some of the most popular Star Wars figures come from the Vintage Collection and the Black Series. These two collections, both produced by Hasbro, include some of the most interesting characters and include some of the best facial detail and articulation. If you’re looking to expand your Star Wars collection, take a look at our selection of Star Wars action figures to see some of the best options.



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