31 Top Disney Couples Ranked

31 Top Disney Couples Ranked

From the first movies to the latest blockbusters, we ranked the top Disney couples of all time. Some may be the conventional love-at-first-sight relationships, and others well… maybe not so easy. No matter the challenges they face, these couples are still devoted to each other and show us what true love and happiness are like. 

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Are You a Fan of Classic Disney Couples or Modern Pairings? 

#31 Pocahontas and John Smith (Pocahontas)

Disney Traditions Pocahontas Carved by Heart by Jim Shore Statue

This classic tale of two star-crossed lovers is quite endearing. John Smith and Pocahontas come from two different worlds, yet they manage to fall deeply for each other. In the end, Pocahontas decides to stay with her tribe, but John Smith will always be in her heart.

#30 Esmeralda and Phoebus (The Hunchback of Notre Dame)

Even though they had a rocky start, Esmeralda’s passion to save the Romani people is enough to captivate Phoebus. He realizes that Frollo’s ideals are cruel and corrupt and takes a stand against him, just like Esmeralda did. Together, they risk their lives and fight for justice while falling in love along the way.

#29 Donald Duck and Daisy Duck

Donald and Daisy duck both have quite the temper, but this is just what makes their relationship work. Donald is lucky to have Daisy, as she’s really the only one who perfectly understands what he’s saying most of the time! Like Mickey and Minnie, we’ve seen this couple evolve throughout the many years of Disney, and they continue to support each other to this day.

#28 Mulan and Li Shang (Mulan)

Mulan and Li Shang’s relationship starts off as a platonic teacher-student relationship. Or maybe a commander-warrior relationship? Regardless, Li Shang was in for a treat when he found out that Mulan was actually a woman! Woah! Plot twist. After this fact was revealed, Mulan and Shangs relationships changed from trusted comrades to lovers.

#27 Snow White and the Prince (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs)

Disney Traditions Snow White and Prince Statue

Snow White and the Prince have a special place in our hearts for being the first Disney film EVER. It’s such a classic story of young love that you can’t help but romanticize the idea of being woken up by love’s first kiss. The Prince, alone, saved Snow White from the curse. No one else could have woken her up! This proved that he was truly in love with her, even though we only see him for a brief moment in the film.

#26 Cinderella and Prince Charming (Cinderella)

LEGO 43206 Disney Princess Cinderella and Prince Charming’s Castle

Meeting her Prince Charming was nearly every little girl’s dream. I sure dreamt of meeting my Prince Charming (still do!). Cinderella was lucky enough to meet hers on her first night out, and after only a few hours of dancing and mingling with the prince, they fell madly in love with each other! He went through EXTREME lengths of finding her by making every woman in town try on her shoe. What a great act of romance! You know what they say: if he wanted to, HE WOULD.

#25 Pacha and Chicha (The Emperor’s New Groove)

Pacha and Chicha are clearly dedicated to each other and their two children. Even when Kuzco comes into the picture and throws them in for a loop, their relationship remains strong! One of the main reasons why we consider them to be a top couple is because they make us feel at home. They are devoted to their family and their village, which gives off a warm, homey feeling that we don’t typically see.

#24 Bernard and Bianca (The Rescuers)

When Bianca sets out on a mission to rescue the young orphan, Penny, she choose Bernard as her partner to help her along the way. Despite being only a timid janitor, Bernard shows his bravery in their mission and does whatever he can to protect her! Their story is more adventurous than romantic, but their feelings for each other rise to the surface throughout the film.

#23 Simba and Nala (The Lion King)

Disney Traditions Lion King Simba and Nala Snuggling Savannah Sweethearts by Jim Shore Statue

Sometimes all we need is someone to remind us of who we are, to get us back on track. Nala was that person (or lion) for Simba. Simba was busy eating bugs and living life in Hakuna Matata while Pride Rock was crumbling down! Nala had enough, and was able to bring the true King back to where he belonged. These two bring the best out of each other which makes them one of the most lovable couples in Disney.

#22 Aladdin and Princess Jasmine (Aladdin)

Aladdin Princess Jasmine Film Scene Series Zip-Around Wallet

Though their romance created one of my FAVORITE love songs ever, A Whole New World, their story is not very high in the ranks due to the fact that Aladdin lied about his identity. Of course, Jasmine was not impressed by Prince Ali’s fake flashiness, but she fell in love with his true self after his real identity was revealed. He also loved her before he knew that she was a princess, which proves their love to be true and genuine.

#21 Roger and Anita (101 Dalmatians)

Roger and Anita’s first encounter is probably the most adorable meet-cute in the Disney realm. It’s like it’s straight out of a movie! Their dog’s leashes get intertwined and before they know it, they are both falling to the water! Instead of being embarrassed, they laugh it off and thus is the start of their newfound relationship. A relationship so meant to be that even their dogs, Pongo and Perdita, get together and have 99 puppies! Who needs kids when you got a house full of puppies?

#20 Milo and Kida (Atlantis: The Lost Empire)

In his search for the lost city of Atlantis, Milo comes across Kida, a warrior princess. As tough and fierce as she is, she can defeat anyone who threatens the people of Atlantis. Despite her protective nature, she allows for Milo to explore his curiosity and even takes a liking to him! Milo’s shy and nerdy personality is the complete opposite of hers, but they seem to make it work.

#19 Buzz Lightyear and Jessie (Toy Story)

Toy Story Moments Jessie and Buzz Lightyear Mini-Backpack

Buzz and Jessie’s relationship isn’t as forward as Woody and Bo Peep’s, but we see a hint of their romance at the end of Toy Story 2 in their exchange of flirty compliments. Their relationship becomes very apparent in Toy Story 3 when Buzz’s settings are set to Spanish mode. Even when his memory has been completely erased, he is still completely infatuated with Jessie! Their loyalty to each other and their friends make them one of the top couples.

#18 Tarzan and Jane (Tarzan)

Jane is a scientist from the upper class who goes into the jungle for research purposes, but what she never expected was to find a human living amongst the gorillas. I bet she never even expected to fall in love! Tarzan’s wild nature and her natural curiosity leads them to spend more time together to the point where she leaves her city life to live in the jungle with him forever.

#17 Sally and Jack Skellington (The Nightmare Before Christmas)

Nightmare Before Christmas Jack and Sally on the Hill Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure Movie Moments #458

We really don’t see much of Jack and Sally as a couple in The Nightmare Before Christmas since Jack is busy trying to become the next “Sandy Claws,” and yet, this is still one of the most iconic couples across Disney. She’s the only one trying to knock some sense into Jack to stop him from ruining Christmas! Still, she has his back throughout the entire film. Once he finally realizes what he’s been missing, they share their first kiss atop a snowy hill.

#16 Linguine and Colette (Ratatouille)

The classic enemies to lovers trope is apparent within Linguine and Colette’s relationship. His clumsiness is more of an annoyance to Colette, but the more time they spend with each other, the more she finds it charming. Her hard-working and stern demeanor is the perfect balance to his goofy personality. In this case, opposites do attract!

#15 Belle and the Beast (Beauty & the Beast)

Disney Traditions Beauty and the Beast Rose Dome Enchanted Love by Jim Shore Statue

One of the most beautifully romantic stories ever told, Beauty & the Beast teaches us that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Belle saw the Beast for who he truly was, and was able to look past the curse. Her kindness and patience brought out a different side of him, a soft side that he didn’t even know existed! They both risked everything to keep each other safe, and they fell in love without even realizing it.

#14 Tiana and Naveen (The Princess and the Frog)

Disney 100 Princess and the Frog Tiana and Naveen Funko Pop! Vinyl Moment #1322

Tiana and Naveen had an odd upbringing, to say the least. They grew and evolved together, learned valuable lessons, and transformed each other along the way – all while being frogs! It’s such a heartwarming story that proves how love can form even in the most unusual circumstances.

#13 Duchess and Thomas O’Malley (The Aristocats)

Disney Traditions Aristocats Storybook Statue by Jim Shore

Alley-cat Thomas O’Malley first encounters the distinguished Duchess after she and her three kittens were abandoned under a bridge. He agrees to accompany them back to Paris to find their way home, and while showing his bravery and devotion to her kittens, Dutchess falls for his charm! He gives up the street life to live a calm life indoors with his newfound family.

#12 Anna and Kristoff (Frozen)

Oh, Anna, such a young and naive girl falling for the wrong man. Trust me girl, we’ve all been there. While the evil Hans was busy trying to overturn her country, Kristoff was the one helping her save it! A true man. Kristoff and Anna don’t even realize that they are falling for each other in the process, but both of their goofy personalities seem to just click. They’re perfect for each other!

#11 Nani and David (Lilo & Stitch)

Being an older sister and a newfound parental guardian for her younger sister, Nani already has sooo much on her plate. Especially when their new dog turns out to be an ALIEN. Yikes! David has such a kind heart and supports her through these tough times. He knows that she’s worth waiting for, and patiently waits for the right moment to make the next move.

#10 Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip (Sleeping Beauty)

Sleeping Beauty Lenticular Mini-Backpack

Prince Phillip may have had the most heroic performance of all time. Seriously! Would any other man ride a horse through miles and miles of thorny vines just to save his princess? I highly doubt it! This is why this lovely couple made it in the top 10 Disney couples.

#9 Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl (The Incredibles)

The Incredibles Storytellers Action Figure 3-Pack

Okay, power couple here! Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl have been the ultimate, and arguably, the most powerful couple in Disney history. When you put together a fierce and stretchy woman with a man with superhuman strength, there is nothing they can’t beat! They work as a team for many years and as their family grows, they add a few new members along the way. This is one family you sure don’t want to mess with!

#8 Ariel and Eric (The Little Mermaid)

Disney Traditions The Little Mermaid Waiting For A Kiss Ariel and Prince Eric Statue by Jim Shore

It wouldn’t be fair if Ariel and Eric did not make it in the top 10! Imagine being saved by a beautiful mermaid and waking up to the sound of her voice, it’s no wonder Prince Eric was enchanted by her song. The young and rebellious teenage Ariel knew it was meant to be. They both went through extreme lengths for each other and fell in love without Ariel having to say a single word! 

#7 WALL-E and EVE (WALL-E)

Wall-E and Eve MEA-029 Mini-Figure 2 Pack

Who knew that the purest form of love is derived from robots? WALL-E and EVE are the perfect example of an innocent first love. WALL-E is this clumsy outdated robot built to gather trash and clean the earth. EVE is a modern droid sent to find life on Earth. When they first meet each other, EVE shows no emotions, but once they are in the spaceship together, they grow so fond of each other to the point where *literal* sparks fly between them.

#6 Woody and Bo Peep (Toy Story)

Toy Story Woody and Bo Peep Moment Wallet

When it comes to long-distance relationships, Woody and Bo Peep are unmatched! We have seen these two as a couple since the first Toy Story movie, and Woody is completely heartbroken when she is given away. Still, he never forgot her. When they are finally reunited in Toy Story 4, Woody leaves his entire life behind to stay with Bo Peep. This couple really went through lengths just to be together, which is why they are in the top 10 of our list!

#5 Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse

Disney Traditions Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse on Swing by Jim Shore Statue

Mickey and Minnie have been setting the standard of our relationship goals since the 1920s. The OG couple and the face of Disney have to be within the top 5 couples. As we dived into their relationship in this Mickey & Minnie gift guide, we discovered that they are one of the strongest and long-lasting couples in pop-culture history! Together through every obstacle they face, they prove that their bond is unbreakable.

#4 Lady and Tramp (Lady and the Tramp)

Disney 100 Lady and the Tramp Funko Pop! Movie Poster #15 with Case

When it comes to puppy love, Lady and Tramp have everyone beat! They come from two different worlds. Tramp is used to the wild street life while Lady lives in a sophisticated home as an indoor dog. Once she finds herself outside of her cozy home, she meets Tramp who shows her a different side of a dog’s life. This results in the famous spaghetti dinner scene where they sit under the moonlight and share an accidental kiss! We will never get over how adorable their puppy romance is.

#3 Rapunzel and Flynn Rider (Tangled)

Disney 100 Tangled Rapunzel and Flynn on Boat Funko Pop! Moment #1324

Unlike most Disney couples, Rapunzel and Flynn did not fall in love at first sight. On the contrary, Rapunzel was scared of him! I mean, can we blame her? She was trapped in a tower, isolated from all social life! Still, she took a risk that may have been the best decision in her life. They save each other countless times, and as Rapunzel and Flynn spend more time with each other in their wild adventure, they fall for each other and live happily ever after.

#2 Megara and Hercules (Hercules)

Hercules 25th Anniversary Collection Meg and Hercules Mini-Backpack

Meg and Hercules are close to #1 for the simple fact that they would both die for each other. Literally! Seeing her “Wonder Boy” almost get crushed by a giant boulder makes Meg push Hercules out of the way on instinct. He then dives into the River of Souls to save her, knowing that he would die too. He just couldn’t bear to live in a world without her. If this isn’t love, I don’t know what is!

#1 Carl and Ellie (Up)

Disney Up Carl and Ellie MEA-032 Mini-Figure 2-Pack

Last but not least, you guessed it! Our beloved Carl and Ellie are in the number one spot. Their story is everyone’s relationship goals. We see the entirety of their relationship in just a few minutes, but that was more than enough to see how they felt about each other. From childhood friends to romantic partners, they grew old together and Carl still holds their love dearly in his heart.



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