Which Is Your Favorite? 50 Characters Join Pin Mate Line.

Have you heard of a Pin Mate™? If not, it’s about time you have!

Brought to you by the designers at Bif Bang Pow!, these miniature figures combine the classic fun of wooden dolls from the 1950s with some of the most popular characters to hit TV and film – all in stunning detail.

Unlike their retro counterparts, the Pin Mate line features incredible 360-degree artwork that includes hand-painted designs along with some decal elements to bring these characters to life. Plus, each Pin Mate is individually numbered within its licensed-based series. So once you start gathering these fun little guys and gals, you will want to get them all!

And as luck would have it, just today, over 50 new figures were announced as part of their Fall 2017 Pin Mate line – available for pre-order and arriving in time for the holidays.

Let’s check them out!

New to the DC Comics Pin Mate Series

DC fans rejoice, as there are 26 wooden figures added to the Pin Mate line – just for you.

Inspired by the 2017 film, Justice League, BATMAN™, WONDER WOMAN™, CYBORG™, AQUAMAN™, and THE FLASH™ (numbers 53-57 in the line) band together in this unique set. In addition, variant individually packaged versions of BATMAN™, WONDER WOMAN™, and SUPERMAN™ (numbers 12-14) have been released as well.

The Fall 2017 Pin Mate line also welcomes a second wave from the 1960s classic live-action Batman TV series. From new versions of BATMAN™, ROBIN™, and CATWOMAN™ to the brand-new figures of COMMISSIONER GORDON™, KING TUT™, and ALFRED PENNYWORTH™, each Pin Mate is numbered 84-91 in the series.

In addition to the classic TV favorite, current DC-inspired television characters from Arrow, Gotham, and Supergirl have joined the Pin Mate line, including GREEN ARROW™ (#76), MERLYN™ (#77), THE FLASH™ (#78), REVERSE FLASH (#79), DETECTIVE GORDON™ (#80), THE PENGUIN™ (#81), SUPERGIRL™ (#82), and VARTOX™ (#83).

And last but definitely not least, HAWKMAN™ (#65), HAWKGIRL™ (#66), SHAZAM™ (#67), GREEN ARROW™ (#68), BLACK CANARY™ (#69), and MARTIAN MANHUNTER™ (#70) join the DC Comics series in classic comic versions.

New to the Marvel Pin Mate Series

From movies and TV to the classic character versions inspired by the comics, Marvel fans have a ton to enjoy in the new 2017 Fall Pin Mate line.

Inspired by the 2017 film, Thor: Ragnarok, this Pin Mate line breaks from its traditional 2-inch scale with a rare 2-piece set that includes a 4-inch Hulk (#70) beside a 2-inch helmet version Thor (#66). Plus, individually packaged 2-inch figures of a variant Thor (#77) without his helmet and a unique Bruce Banner figure that spins into the Hulk (#67) as well as Hela (#68), Valkyrie (#69), and Loki (#78) will be available this fall.

Also joining the Marvel Pin Mate series, fans can collect Daredevil (#62), Iron Fist (#63), Jessica Jones (#64), Luke Cage (#65), and Elektra (#76) from the hit TV show The Defendersas well as classic interpretations of the Captain America (#20), Red Skull (#44), a 4-inch scale Hulk (#79), Iron Man (#80), Black Widow (#81), and Hawkeye (#82).

New to the Star Trek Series

Celebrating the 30th anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Bif Bang Pow! has also announced the expansion of their Star Trek Pin Mate line with the addition of Captain Picard (#11), Data (#12), La Forge (#13), Riker (#14), and Troi (#15) – joining the already released select Star Trek: The Original Series Pin Mate wooden figures.

Have a favorite or two? Tell us which ones and why in the comments!



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