90s Cartoon Playing Cards


For decades, kids woke up early on Saturday mornings in rapt anticipation of the long-standing tradition of Saturday Morning Cartoons. The ’90s saw an amazing innovation in cartoons: Nickelodeon introduced a new line of original animation called Nicktoons, and they were on Sunday mornings. Yes, the weekend suddenly had a new contender for the favorite day all over the country as Sundays finally had the same entertainment value as Saturdays. Only, these new cartoons weren’t the same old hat, either; they were imaginative shows that pushed the boundaries of animation. Thanks to the ’90s, the world would never the same.

Now you can get excited about the ’90s again with these Playing Cards from Aquarius! These cards will take you back to your lazy childhood Sundays, watching the world of cartoons reach new heights as you eat your cereal. With beautiful artwork and classic playing card form, these cards will take your nostalgia to a whole new level.

Two of the original three Nicktoons are represented here, with the Ren & Stimpy Cartoon Playing Cards and the Rugrats Playing Cards. These two toons were as different as could be, one of them featuring the imaginative world of babies and the other grossing us out with the adventures of a cat and chihuahua.

Coming along a couple years after the successful first Nicktoons, we have Rocko’s Modern Life Playing Cards and Hey Arnold! Playing Cards. Both classic cartoons now, the oddball animation style and off the wall plots brought audiences to new territory.

The Rocket Power Playing Cards pay homage to the adventures of Otto and Reggie Rocket. The cartoon was made by the same team as Rugrats a few years before. And of course, the Invader Zim Playing Cards help you remember the adventures of everyone’s favorite alien from the planet Irk.

Without a doubt, the longest running Nicktoon and champion of them all, SpongeBob, is here as well with this SongeBob SquarePants Playing Cards. These cards feature everyone’s favorite invertebrate and the residents of Bikini Bottom.

Rounding out this amazing series of playing cards is the newest edition to the Nicktoons lineup, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Retro Playing Cards. While the Turtles are new to Nick, other incarnations of these heroes on the half shell were thriving throughout everyone’s favorite decade.

These outstanding cards from Aquarius represent wonderful improvements to your favorite card games. The addition of retro cartoons from the ’90s means that even a game of solitaire is played with old friends. Head over to Entertainment Earth today to pick up your favorite cartoon!



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