An Inside Look at Loungefly

Find out about Loungefly

From the humble beginning in a small Southern California warehouse back in 1998 to being part of a leading collectibles company, Loungefly is one of the premier accessory companies in the world.

Early on, the company made a name for itself by creating unique out-of-the-box print designs. Its most popular style was the tattoo print, which they paired with classic properties like Disney, Pokémon, and Star Wars. The company designs, sources, and distributes an array of pop culture accessories that include mini-backpacks, wallets, handbags, totes, and more. Not only that, but they also continue to innovate with their accessories, crafting pin sets, buttons, and cosmetic bags. Most of these are cruelty-free because they’re made with faux leather, which is also water-resistant but not completely waterproof.

Loungefly Branded Products

Over the years, the team has built great partnerships with brands including Hello Kitty, Harry Potter, Marvel, and more. It’s also grown to include licensed accessories for fan-favorite video game brands such as Cuphead and Overwatch.

Looking for something character-specific? From a Cinderella sewing mini-backpack to a Stitch backpack to accessories from The Lion King, Loungefly most likely has it.

Who Owns Loungefly?

Many fans wonder, “Does Funko own Loungefly?” because of the close working relationship between the two companies since their beginnings. But it wasn’t until May 2017 that Funko announced that it had acquired the Southern Californian company so the collectibles company could extend its business into new categories like accessories and handbags. The acquisition also helped the small team that was about to increase its product licenses and distribution channels.

Where to Buy Loungefly

The products are available for purchase at a number of participating retailers, specialty stores, and e-commerce sites, including Entertainment Earth, some of which ship worldwide to countries such as Canada. Make sure to order your Loungefly products now!



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