Cryptid Primate Hunter Starter Pack

Bigfoot Products

Tracking down monsters is a hard job. You face skepticism from the rest of the scientific community and constantly have to champion your cause. There’s hours spent arduously hiking through forested wilderness.

And it never fails: the moment you actually cross paths with your target, your camera jams.

Thank goodness Accoutrements has a full line of products to make life just a little easier for the dedicated cryptozoologist.

Bigfoot Luggage Tag

The Bigfoot Luggage Tag is just the piece of flair you need to distinguish your bag from the rest at the airport. The durable vinyl tag is 5 3/4-inches long and features blank space on the back for your personal information – just on the off chance that a rival cryptoprimatologist is flying on the same airline.

Bigfoot Bandages

Hunting the mighty Squatch can be a perilous quest, and you might find yourself in need of these Bigfoot Bandages. They’re extra large (3-inches long and 1 1/2-inches wide) to cover any big boo-boos or blisters, and may even prove handy should you find an injured beast on your travels!

Bigfoot Water Bottle

You’ll want to stay hydrated out in the untamed wilds, so don’t forget your Sasquatch Seltzer Water Bottle. The coated aluminum water bottle can hold 17 oz of your favorite beverage and stands 8 3/4-inches tall.

Bigfoot Figure

Cryptozoology is often a family affair, so for all of those searchers of the truth who have sons and daughters in tow, the Bigfoot Action Figure is both a handy teaching tool – it’s never too early to educate the kiddies on the markings of the North American Bigfoot – and a fun toy for those moments when distraction is necessary. At 7 1/4-inches tall and with intricate articulation, it can even be posed just like frame 352 of the famous Patterson film footage!

Bigfoot Ornament

And even if this year’s hunt proves fruitless, never fear: you can still bring home the Bigfoot Glass Ornament. Hide this 6 1/4-inch tall ornament on your Christmas tree and the whole family can hunt for the elusive creature. Remember: there’s always next year!



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