This Is Your Chance to Pay Homage to the Two Little Green Men Who Helped Raise You

Star Wars Muppets Art Print

Jim Henson was first approached to fill the shoes and vocal cords of the little hermit, Yoda. He was too busy with, among other things, making his masterpiece, The Dark Crystal. Henson pointed Lucas in the direction of Frank Oz, his Muppet counterpart. Oz breathed life into Yoda in a way that no one could have predicted, supplying warmth and vigor to the character that truly is the fulcrum of the Star Wars trilogy.

Now you can honor the work of both of these master puppeteers with a print of this remarkable painting, bringing their most memorable characters together. Easy Being Green It Is Not shows a deep sensitivity to the two little green creatures that helped you to make it through your childhood.

These two beloved characters look like old friends, sharing their native swamp with each other. While Yoda teaches Kermit to lift rocks with his mind, Kermit teaches Yoda how to say his ABC’s in the proper order!

Painted with a nearly Tolkienesque warmth, this 14 x 14 print on canvas will complement the home of pop culture aficionados, art collectors, and anyone who was brought up by the Force and The Muppets. Order today with free shipping from!

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Star Wars Muppets Art Print



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