Top Sites: The Very Best Action Figure Resources

It’s a great time to be action figure collectors! With the resources available today, we are truly in a golden age. Every fan should have a resource for their action figures & collectibles that’s extensive and has great reviews, spotlights, checklists, and more. There are several fantastic websites out there that cater to the action figure collector, so it would be impossible to feature all the great sites. Here is a handful that every member of the action figure community, from veteran to beginner, should know about.

Action Figure 411

This site is great for those who are true completionists. Filled with easy-to-read visual guides on most action figure lines, it’s easy to lose hours just clicking through the site. In many cases, it even has lists of unofficial future figures and waves. Action Figure 411 should be somewhere near the top of your bookmarks.

Marvel Toy News

Marvel has enough collectibles out there to fill thousands of different kinds of collections. If you have a branch of yours devoted to Marvel, this website is essential. The latest news on any Marvel item from Hasbro Marvel Legends to Diamond Select statues to Hot Toys can be found here. For best results, check back often!


This is the ultimate home of action figure reviews. Michael Crawford reviews are always well written, intricately detailed, and fascinating. His takes on toys set the standard on the web, and the sheer number of his reviews will astound you. The knowledge base he built advises his reviews, making this an indispensable stop before you empty your wallet on the latest figure.

Toy News International

If you want a staggering amount of news about everything concerning the action figure industry, you’ll hit the jackpot with Toy News International. Just about every day, multiple news entries post, keeping you up to the minute on all the goings on in the industry. But even considering these informative news items, the best part of this website is the extensive and exceedingly active forums. Thousands of collectors from around the world have built a sprawling database in which they discuss various lines, companies, and figures. You can join in the conversation or just lurk to improve your own education.

Rebel Scum

Rebel Scum has been the go-to for Star Wars action figure collectors for years. This virtual galaxy of information can keep even the most dedicated fan on their toes! Photo galleries, news stories, channels, and links to the best places to buy collectibles fill out this site, but there’s still more. Again, with this site, much of the treasure is found in the very active forums.

Action Figure Insider

If you’re looking for a fun, well-written, and deeply interesting site, you’d be lucky to find Action Figure Insider. From the very latest news to in-depth looks back at Fisher-Price Little People, the content on this site is really among the best. The site doesn’t cater to just one kind of collector but reaches out into many avenues to bring you the latest scoops and richest nostalgia.

Pixel Dan

One of the most prominent and professional video reviewers out there is Pixel Dan. No doubt, every collector has run across or even shared his videos, but you can find them all gathered in one great resource. Pixel-Dan.com has news, editorials, reviews, and so many other features. Always tons of fun, this website goes beyond just information.


If the Internet was going to be destroyed by a flood and you could only save one forum from destruction, you’d have to choose The Toyark. Every genre of action figure is represented here with active discussion from all over the world. The breaking news and picture galleries are great, too.


With its sharp focus on Transformers, collectors of that vein can find a terrific resource in Seibertron.com. This site has gathered some great expert opinions on the world of Transformers, with far-reaching articles and reviews from every era of the collectible. There are extensive galleries that include every known Transformer figure you can imagine or have heard of. It also boasts a huge forum with worldwide participation and constant news about everything that can transform under the sun or otherwise.

Entertainment Earth

We think this should have registered a little higher on this list, but then again, we’re just a bit biased. You’ll agree that Entertainment Earth is a fantastic resource for action figure collectors, somewhat of a hub for the community. Not only does Entertainment Earth have a blog site that covers breaking news about every kind of collectible, but it also features spotlights, checklists, retrospectives, podcasts, and much more for action figures collectibles. But aside from all the appreciable editorial content (and fantastic writing), the main website is a wonderful resource for action figure collectors. Altogether, this is one of the best places to learn about and collect action figures!



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