Third Annual Action Figure Work Day Celebrates Being Who You Are

AFWD 2016

Today is the third annual Action Figure Work Day (AFWD), where people are encouraged to bring their favorite action figure or collectible to work.

It’s a fun day, where people are able to share what they’re passionate about and bring some personality to their work environment.

What’s really incredible about the day, however, is how it’s taken off. When I first interviewed founder Randy Ham last year, he revealed to me the origin of the day. It was a simple matter of him taking a figure of Raven from DC Comics to work, and sharing pictures of the figure on social media. The day took off like wildfire.

But could it have become as popular if it had been done years earlier? Probably not, because context, and timing, is important.

Being a geek, and enjoying things like superheroes, has become popular and mainstream in the past six or seven years. Suddenly superheroes dominate Hollywood and Star Wars gets its own land at Disney parks.

AFWD’s far-reaching joy is a testament to the changing culture that we’ve been experiencing recently, and it’s certainly a sight to behold.

It’s a wonderful feeling when it’s encouraged to share part of who you are, and that cultural things that may have been mocked in the past, are now being celebrated.

So this Action Figure Work Day, bring your favorite collectible to work and get passionate about these wonderful franchises!



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