Famous Dynamic Duo Team Up Again for New Animated Feature Next Year

Holy new animated film, Batman! At this weekend’s Mad Monster Party in Charlotte, North Carolina, Adam West (Batman) and Burt Ward (Robin) of the 1966 Batman TV Series announced that they would be teaming up again to voice the dynamic duo in a new animated film. You can watch them announce the news in the video below.

It’s no wonder that West and Ward remain prevalent on the scene, and that Batman is cemented in pop culture history. Regardless of whether you’ve seen the series or not, you’ll recognize the BAM!s, POW!s, and iconic cheesy dialogue of the series.

In many ways, this series set the stage for all superhero media to come.

batman '66 comic This is not the first time West and Ward have reprised their roles as Batman and Robin. However, this film is an extra special reprisal. The 90-minute animated feature commemorates the 50th anniversary of the show on January 12th of next year.

As you can hear in the video, Ward also says this could be one of two movies. While there is no confirmation on the second, the first is definitely happening.

The 1960s Batman television series has recently seen a resurgence. The full series was released on DVD and Blu-Ray last year for the first time. DC published a comic based on the series last year. It’s only appropriate to lead up to the anniversary with exciting events and culminate with a revival.

And don’t forget that Batman V Superman comes out next year! There’s plenty of Batman in your future, Bat-fans.

What do you think of Adam West and Burt Ward reuniting again? Do you hope the animated film will be a cheesy as the series? Let us know in the comments!

Adam West and Burt Ward at Mad Monster Party



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