Aim to Hug with the Firefly Serenity 18-Inch Plush


You can finally hug Serenity with the Firefly Serenity 18-Inch Plush.

SerenityThe favorite ship of Captain Malcolm Reynolds is now available as cuddly plush, perfect for hugging when Reavers are approaching. The plush version of the shiny vessel is beautifully detailed in rich colors – all the way from the bridge to the reactor. As Mal said, “Love keeps her in the air when she oughta fall down.”

Tucked into the bays on each side are little plush shuttles that emerge for short-range expeditions throughout the galaxy. The shuttles are tethered to their landing bays by cords you can cut if you prefer longer range excursions. Snuggle up with this Firefly / Serenity plush to make your day a little bit shinier.

The Serenity Plush is currently available at Entertainment Earth. Also available is the Malcolm Reynolds Pocket Plush.

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