Light It Up! Take Home This Aliens M240 Incinerator Prop Replica

James Cameron’s classic film, Aliens, is a fan favorite. Now you can bring some of the movie magic home with the Aliens M240 Incinerator Prop Replica!

The M240 Incinerator Unit is a carbine style Flame Thrower used by the US Colonial Marines. It was designed for close range use against soft targets and famously used by Ripley in the Hive scene against the Queen Xenomorph herself.

An outstanding addition to any Aliens collection, it comes complete with a separate, themed wall display plaque. This life-sized prop replica of the iconic Sci-Fi weapon measures about 31-inches long. The replica is constructed of fiberglass, resin, and mixed media, then painstakingly hand painted in authentic “Brown Bess” just like the original movie props. Hurry now, because this out of this world prop replica is a limited edition of 1,000 pieces!

This must-have Aliens Prop Replica will be available January 2018. Place your pre-orders with Entertainment Earth now!



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