Animated Beetlejuice on Plastic Soul

Beetlejuice, the name in laughter from the hereafter, in cartoon form! The cartoon Ghost with the Most is finally getting the action figure treatment, and it’s scary good!

From the Afterlife to Your Shelf

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice – don’t say it a third time you don’t want to know what happens if you say it a third time. Oh my gosh, look what we’re getting! Finally, a Beetlejuice action figure from the Beetlejuice cartoon. I’ve been waiting for this for a long time. Let me take you back a bit, I love Beetlejuice, I love Michael Keaton, I’ve seen everything he’s ever done. Beetlejuice to me is a one-off, but at the same time I want more. We’ve heard this for so many years that there might be a sequel, let’s do another one, in fact at one point before Keaton agreed to do Batman again, they asked him “what’s the one character you’d come back and do again?” and he said “Beetlejuice”.

So why don’t we get one? I don’t know, it’s a mystery for the ages. The movie came out in 1988 and didn’t get a toy line when it came out, but a couple years later in 1990 – suddenly it did! Ah, the advent of the VHS audience, people discovered Beetlejuice in a way that they didn’t quite when it came out. It did well but it was bigger on video, so Kenner had a toy line of action figures, a 12-inch talking doll with a pull string, a couple little vehicles and playsets and things. It was cool, but it was a little weird because at the same time there was an animated series that hit syndicate nation – it’s great it’s available on DVD, you can see the entire series, the voice acting is great in it, the scripts are weird – but there wasn’t an action figure line for it when the show was on the air.  Instead you had the Beetlejuice line from the movie, strange right? The only thing we got at the time was from Burger King. They did a fast-food premium of these little tiki statues of the animated characters on one side and the other side had monsters or spiders or different, weird, trippy things that were in the show.

“It’s Showtime!”

Well now we finally got an action figure of the animated Beetlejuice. We’re going to get a Lydia as well, Beetlejuice comes with a hat, cane, some accessories, and a little creature. Lydia is going to come with some stuff and a little creature. I can’t wait, I never thought we’d finally get these. I hope it goes on forever because there’s lots of weird characters that show up in the cartoon and it’s beautiful. There are 31 points of articulation and great coloring. I’m going to go check it out and see if all 31 actually work. So hit one, say it twice, third time’s a charm! The new Beetlejuice action figure – based on the animated series – who would have guessed it! Now you can stand them up next to your Batman the Animated Series figures and they can talk about what it’s like being in syndication and what some of their favorite episodes are.

Let Us Know Your Thoughts

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All right, he’s been packaged for too long, it’s time to let him out. Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!



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