Don These Helmets and You Can Join the Galactic Empire

Anovos Star Wars Helmets

Have you ever wanted to join the Galactic Empire? With these Star Wars helmets from Anovos, you’ll fit right in! These faithfully recreated prop replica helmets are meticulously designed from the Star Wars saga.

Don the helm of Darth Vader himself to truly terrorize the Rebel Alliance. With the the two-tone paint scheme from Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back, this replica is made from fiberglass construction, and includes “reveal” style greebles and “vents” on the upper forehead of the face mask. Turned-aluminum tusks and bubble lenses continue the authentic look, while the helmet dome locks into the faceplate via an exacting magnetic and keyed locking mechanism that makes for perfect alignment every time.

Become a TIE Fighter with the pilot’s helmet! Made from ABS construction and featuring bubble lenses, the helmet also features the iconic Imperial Emblem “cog” decals on the forehead.

Of course, if you have a TIE Fighter, why not get an AT-AT Driver as well? Made from ABS construction with bubble lenses and the Imperial Emblem “cog” decals on the forehead, this amazing prop replica features replicated metal based on original pieces and a gray colorway to match the original surviving LucasFilm prop artifact, along with magnetic points on the back of the helmet for hose canisters!

Round out the collection with the Snowtrooper Standard Clean Helmet. The replica helmet uses flat green lenses to recreate the style used in the original artifact and is made of ABS construction. A vinyl aventail covers the face and the neck.

Complete with adjustable helmet / suspension rig that fits a wide variety of head sizes, these helmets are one-size-fits-all and even features a lined, breathable inside mesh for the helmet wearer’s comfort.

These outstanding helmet replicas are currently available with free shipping at Entertainment Earth.

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