This Dark Knight Is Only As Good As His Armor

Jackson Gordon Batman Combat Armor

Batman may very well seek out the streets of Gotham soon: Caped Crusader by night, 21-year-old Industrial Design student Jackson Gordon of Armatus Designs by day.

10922557_908091652554531_2095904308158719071_nInspired by his foray into cosplay, Gordon wanted to craft an authentic armor that didn’t limit his mobility and “would actually provide protection and function more like Batman’s actual suit.”

With a meager $1,000 Kickstarter campaign, Gordon hoped to build a Batsuit that would withstand hand-to-hand combat and defend against weapons like bats, knives, and club-like objects.

The campaign was fully funded and Gordon recorded his progress on the RPF, a website devoted to screen-accurate replicas, costumes, effects, and more.

Gordon crafted his custom suit from high impact plastic, kevlar, and shock absorbing foam. Everywhere needed to be protected, even without armor plating. With a 3 pound helmet and 25 pound suit, we’re surprised that he can still move around in it! It’s a good thing too, because Gordon is an expert in Shaolin Kung Fu.

Gordon told USA Today:

“It sounds like a lot, and when you have it in a bag over your shoulder it weighs a ton, but when you are actually wearing it, you barely feel it. If this were to inhibit my movement, it would be completely useless.”

Well Gordon certainly succeeded in his plan to create a real world equivalent of a Batsuit that would provide significant protection and be accurate to the character. What do you think of his design? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Real Life Batsuit: Combat Armor

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