This Is the Only Superman Statue You Will Ever Need…

If you read the finale of the “Superman Reborn” story arc in Action Comics recently then you know that the two Supermen that have been floating around during DC Comic’s Rebirth initiative have been merged into one. So why does that matter? Well, this new hybrid Superman is essentially the same Supermen from both the New 52 and Post-Crisis on Infinite Earths timelines and the entirety of the new Rebirth continuity hinges around his existence.

So does this mean that this is the only Superman you should collect? Definitely not, but this new DC Comics Superman Rebirth ArtFX+ Statue from Kotobukiya is definitely something that you need to pick up.

Clad in his newest, solid blue outfit and boots, red cape billowing in the wind and iconic S-shield emblazoned across his mighty chest, Kal-El is ready for whatever the next fight throws at him.

A highly detailed sculpt emphasizes Superman’s impressive physique; he stands approximately 7 3/4-inches tall in 1:10 scale.

The sturdy plastic statue comes packaged in a window display box with flap, and should be flying into stock this fall. Order the all-in-one Man of Steel, and we’ll make sure this muscular boy in blue becomes a part of your collection.




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