This Baby Raptors Statue Proves That Life, Uh, Finds a Way

Babies are so dang cute. Those big eyes. The teeny arms and legs. The soft little scales…

Sure, these velociraptors are going to be cheetah-fast, clever mankillers in a few months, but for now, they’re just sooo cute, lookit the widdle darlings!

Based on the original concept drawings by Mark “Crash” McCreery, this Jurassic Park Baby Raptors Statue has a trio of newly-hatched apex predators gamboling innocently before all the screaming begins.

Measuring 18-inches long x 9-inches tall x 12-inches deep – with each raptor approximately 12-inches long – these playful prehistoric pups are exquisitely detailed and captured in realistic poses just brimming with cuteness.

This is a limited edition statue 65 million years in the making – but we won’t be able to contain them for long. So pre-order now before these toothy babies escape!



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