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This Aura Battler Dunbine is in Need of a Good Pilot

Think your aura power level is strong enough to win the fight and save the world?

The war rages on in Byston Well, a medieval parallel world full of castles, winged fairies, and intimidating mecha suits, and this Dunbine is ready for a steady commander.

The Aura Battler Dunbine Bozune Robot Spirits Action Figure is the latest from Bandai Tamashii Nations. Featuring the distinctive insectoid design from the anime, the fine sculpting of this figure captures every detail down to the dragonfly-like wings and cockpit!

This 5 3/4-inches tall plastic figure is highly posable, so you can recreate its signature kneeling poses, and comes equipped with its sword and another weapon.

Perhaps you’re another Shō Zama in waiting, and will be a strong asset for the resistance fighters. Pre-order this impressive mecha today with Free U.S. Shipping and find out if you have what it takes this January!

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