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Power Rangers Morph Into the Thunder Megazord Die-Cast Action Figure

Posses the power of thunder with the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Legacy Thunder Megazord Die-Cast Action Figure from Bandai!

This epic figure depicts the original Power Rangers’ second Megazord formation which merged their more powerful Thunderzords together.

All five Thunderzords are present and accounted for: Tyrannosaurus Red Dragon, Mastodon Lion, Triceratops Unicorn, Sabertooth Tiger Griffin, and Pterodactyl Firebird. Each Zord can be separated individually.

However, when you put them all together, the Megazord measures an impressive 13-inches tall x 4-inches long! The pieces are made of quality die-cast metal and shimmer with metallic paint.

You can even morph this with the White Tigerzord figure to form Mega Tigerzord!

If you’re ready for this much power, the Thunder Megazord is currently available with free shipping at Entertainment Earth.

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