Small but Mighty: Super-Saiyan Mini-Figures Are Ready for Battle

Dragon Ball Z

Kamehameha! Banpresto brings your favorite Dragon Ball Z characters to life in miniature form with this Dragon Ball Z World Collectible Series 1 Mini-Figures Set!

Take home Akira Toriyama’s classic anime and manga series with these small, detailed mini-figures. This set contains six individually packaged figures (subject to change), including:
» Majin Boo (Gotenks Absorb)
» Gohan
» Majin Boo (Evil)
» Gotenks
» Majin Boo (Surprised)
» Goku

Standing just over 2 3/4-inches tall including their display base, these adorable figures recreate poses from the beloved anime. Gohan, Gotenks, and Goku all feature battle poses, while Majin Boo comes in three forms. Get Majin Boo with a surprised face, an evil design, and the version where he absorbs Gotenks!

Majin Boo is a villain who destroys things for fun in a very childish manner. He shows no remorse and treats everything like a game, though it’s later revealed that he is unaware of the immorality inherent in his action.

This adorable mini-figure set is currently available with free shipping at Entertainment Earth.

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