Call the Bat! Light up the Sky!


It’s a symbol that sends chills down the most terrifying of villains’ spines. It’s a symbol of justice and it gives the fearful citizens of Gotham City hope. Hope, that he’s out there protecting their streets. The Bat Signal. That shining beacon in the sky that alerts Batman that he’s needed in his city. And now you can lit up the sky with a Bat Signal of your very own!

The Bat Signal Prop Replica stands 12 3/4-inches tall x 9 inches long x 8 inches deep, perfect for any desktop or memorabilia display case. Of course, it lights up as it should, to reveal the Batman logo silhouette in your office, your room, or you own Bat-Cave.

Pre-order yours now and soon you’ll be able to send that signal out to Batman, but don’t do it unless you need help. I can’t imagine Batman enjoys being pranked.




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