Babs Is Back in Black as This Diamond Select Statue


Batgirl’s always known how to make an entrance.

The latest from Diamond Select, the Batman: The Animated Series Batgirl Gallery Statue features Babs in the black costume she donned in season 4 of the classic animated series, accented by her blue cape and yellow gloves, boots, and utility belt.

Judging by that calm, confident expression, she’s got this in the bag as she lands a punishing kick on the gelatinous shape-shifter Clayface – Mr. Hagen clearly wasn’t expecting that.

Crafted of sturdy PVC, Batgirl features detailed sculpting courtesy of Varner Studios and fine paint applications. She stands approximately 10-inches tall, from her Clayface base to her flowing cape, and will be arriving late this summer.

But don’t delay – pre-order now, because who knows how long Babs will stick along before another emergency requires her particular finesse and style?




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