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Batman 1966 TV Series Crime Fighting Accessory Pack


Holy accessories, Batman!

The Caped Crusader and the Boy Wonder require accessories to fight their war on crime in Gotham City, and Figures Toy Company’s Batman 1966 TV Series Crime Fighting Accessory Pack offers the Dynamic Duo 25 accessory pieces for the 8-inch retro figures!

Ranging from Batarangs and the Batcave Entrance Bust to Batman’s Bomb (as in, “Some days you can’t get rid of…”) and Batman’s Bazooka, these are just like the ones found in the Batcave, only smaller! Check it out below!

First up are the Batman and Robin variant head sculpts. These alternate head sculpts include the Bat Breather, for intaking oxygen when times are tough.

Who could forget the infamous Batcave Entrance Bust? When Bruce Wayne needed to get into the Batcave, he used a switch hidden in his William Shakespeare bust. Return to the Batcave by moving that bust!

Take out the bad guys with the Batarangs (3 included) and cuff him with Batman cuffs (3, included).

When on the go, the Bat may need to do a little research. The mobile crime lab briefcase allows the Caped Crusader and Boy Wonder to unravel the mysteries of criminal activities.

Some days, you just can’t get rid of a bomb. This accessory pack makes today one of those days because it includes Batman’s Bomb. Of course, this one won’t explode amid a crowded street of nuns and children.

Have Commissioner Gordon call Batman with the red office phone. And Batman can answer with his Batmobile phone! Both are included.

Watch out for sharks, Batman! Use the Oceanic Repellent Spray (aka the Shark Spray) to knock that shark off Batman’s leg!

Can any fight truly end without use of the Bat Bazooka? Worry no more because this accessory pack includes the blue bazooka so you can end every fight with flair.

Bat Radios! Bat Walkie Talkies! Time for communication with the coolest Bat! Keep Batman and Robin in constant communication with the included Batman Radios and Batman Walkie Talkies.

In case the Joker pops a gun out of a jukebox, be prepared with the Batman Shield! These riot protector-style shields will protect your figures from the Joker’s wrath!

And no Bat is complete without his utility belt. A spare belt is included.

These outstanding accessories look great with the Batman Classic 1966 TV Series Batman Action Figure and the Batman Classic 1966 TV Series Robin Action Figure

This Batman 1966 Crime Fighting Accessory Pack is currently available at Entertainment Earth.

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