Wham! Pow! Bam! Batman 1966 TV Series Pop! Vinyl Figures are Here! You’ll Be Surprised by a Villain You Forgot About

Batman villains are so dark and evil these days. Whether the Caped Crusader is facing off against the Scarecrow, Rha’s Al Ghul, the Joker, Two-Face or Bane in director Christoper Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy or battling the Man of Steel himself in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, it’s no wonder Batman takes things so seriously these days. He hardly has a moment just to chill. Young fans of today’s Dark Knight may find it hard to believe that there was a time when Batman (along with his trusty companion, Robin) was portrayed on TV as a by-the book, law-abiding do-gooder who was, well, kind of square.  But as much fun as the dynamic duo was in the classic Batman TV show that ran on ABC from 1966 – 1968, the villains were even more memorable, not so much because they were evil, but because they were wacky and goofy and, yes, flat-out funny.

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Who can forget Frank Gorshin’s giggle as the Riddler, Burgess Meredith’s signature cigarette holder as the Penguin, Victor Buono’s pomposity as King Tut and Otto Preminger’s freeze gun as Mr. Freeze. These villains will forever live in memory, and in reruns on the Me Network and through Amazon. And now, coming in June 2017, the creative people at Pop! Vinyl will bring these villains back in the unique style for which they are so well known.

Each figure stands 3 3/4-inches tall and has been designed in the cuddly format Pop! Vinyl has made popular. And, as a bonus, also in June, Pop! Vinyl will be offering Batgirl for your collection, the same character who, portrayed by Yvonne Craig, joined Batman and Robin in their fight against crime in that Batman TV series’ third and final season.

Whether you’re re-enacting the WHAM! POW! BAM! battles between Batgirl and these dastardly adversaries, or passing on the joy you remember from those days to a child five or older, these loveable figures are a welcome addition to your collection and a welcome reminder of the classic and much-loved TV series.



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