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Holy Batcave Playset, Batman!


Now when you say, “to the Batcave”, your action figures can really do it!  Batman: The Animated Series fans will love this new Batcave with Alfred Playset, featuring the iconic Batcomputer and a 6-inch figure of Alfred, the Wayne family’s loyal butler. The set also comes with a tea set and feather duster, just as Alfred would want it.

When he isn’t out cleaning up the streets of Gotham, you can be sure Batman will be in his Batcave researching villains such as Mr. Freeze, Red Claw, and the Clock King. Be honest – that is what your 6-inch Batman action figure does too. So why not grab this Batcave Playset for yourself and give Batman a cave to come home to?

With the iconic look of the original series from the 90’s, the Batman The Animated Series with Alfred Playset will make you feel like your figures jumped right off the screen and onto your shelf.

This playset is compatible with other 6-inch Batman The Animated Series figures, such as the popular Batmobile with lights, so combine and enjoy!




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