Batman: Arkham Knight Goes Statuesque Thanks to Iron Studios

Inspired by the action-packed video game installment in the Batman: Arkham universe, Arkham Knight, comes these stunning statues from Iron Studios.

The Batman Deluxe 1:10 Scale Statue has captured the Dark Knight in a brooding pose, perched atop one of the many gothic eagle gargoyles that line the skyscrapers of Gotham City. With his cape billowing behind him and a glower that means business, Bats has been painstakingly recreated from the original 3D models used in the game. Every line from his stoic face to his realistic armor has been replicated in hand-painted polystone, and Bruce stands an impressive 11 4/5-inches tall.

You can’t be a hero without a villain – enter The Riddler. Ripped straight from the game, Mr. Nygma stands ready with his green question mark cane and a fiendish grin. Unlike past Riddlers, this Nygma isn’t one for suits or bowler hats and instead has a decidedly greasier, mechanic vibe with his jeans, tool belt, gloves, and goggles. The Riddler stands 7 9/10-inches tall on a display base and is also made of hand-painted polystone.

These Arkham statues won’t last long, so pre-order today!



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