How To Build Your Own Gotham City with This 4D Batman Puzzle

The Dark Knight just wouldn’t be nearly as dark nor as impressive without a fitting landscape to fight across. Good thing Gotham City is as brooding, mysterious, and dangerous as Bats himself.

Now you can discover all of Gotham’s secrets and learn the lay of the land with the Batman Gotham City 4D Cityscape Puzzle. A recreation of the official DC map of Gotham City, this puzzle features a patented multi-layer design.

First, piece together the 1,200-piece foundation jigsaw puzzle map that lays out all the regions of Gotham City.

Second, build a 300-piece puzzle that recreates the island of Gotham. Once completed, you have the city shape and many of the series’ iconic locations.

And for your final act, insert 3D miniature replica models of 162 buildings including Wayne Manor, Industries, and Tower as well as Arkham Asylum, the Ace Chemical Plant, and the Iceberg Casino & Lounge. Each model is a highly detailed sculpt of the actual location from the comics.

The very last piece of the puzzle? The Gotham City Police Department, which features working LED Bat-Signal!

This three-layer puzzle has 1,500 jigsaw pieces in total, and is a must-have for any Batman fan – this is the first time DC Comics has released such a complete map of Gotham City, and the puzzle comes with an Official Guide that outlines every part of the iconic city.

When fully assembled, this Cityscape Puzzle measures about 32-inches wide x 19 1/5-inches long x 6-inches tall. Recommended for ages 14+, it also requires 3x “AG3” batteries (not included). Order now and you’ll be an expert on Gotham City in no time!



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