Batman and Harley Duke It out in This New Statue


One of the aspects of The Dark Knight that keeps him so fresh and exciting is his wonderful array of enemies. No hero has better, more complex characters challenge him than Batman. Those who would oppose this chaotic force for good come with deep-seeded psychological problems that force them to the top of the organized crime scene in Gotham, leading with a twisted mind. In 1992, we were first introduced to Harley Quinn through an episode of Batman: The Animated Series. She later became a regular in the comic book and has now taken on roles in movies, video games, and a web series. There is no denying that with her playful attitude and relentless violence, Harley Quinn is one of the 21st Century’s favorite popular culture characters.

These days, your Batman collection just isn’t complete without a tasteful array of Harley Quinn peppered throughout it. Now you can get your hands on this amazing Batman vs Harley Quinn Battle Statue to give your collection a much needed dose of this rivalry! Measuring 14-inches tall, this statue comes to life through action. The two characters are fighting it out on top of a dynamite-laden minecart, along with two of Harley’s hyenas. Harley’s face is showing shock and a bit of panic, while Batman is determined to bring Arkham Asylum’s favorite psychologist home for good.

The detail and color of this statue is astounding. From facial expressions to the setting to the vicious wild animals nipping at Batman’s heels, you won’t find a more expressive statue. But the detail that might make your collection really special is that this statue is limited to a 2,500 unit edition size! If you want to bring this statue home, you should pre-order it today from Entertainment Earth!




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