Rarely Has Batman Been Quite as Brooding as This Luis Royo Statue

Some days you just can’t get rid of the bomb – or the angst. Judging by the apocalyptic state of the Bat Signal, the Dark Knight has had one bad night.

Yamato USA’s Fantasy Figure Gallery DC Comics Batman Resin Statue absolutely stands out from the crowd. Measuring in at an incredible 21-inches (14 of which are all Bats), this sturdy resin statue is based on the illustrations of the incomparable Luis Royo.

Clad in his dark grey suit, sweeping cape in hand, Gotham’s greatest defender has perched atop rubble and the shattered remains of his defunct signal. With that determined glower on his face, it’s clear Bruce means business.

This Fantasy Figure statue is sure to claim a central place of honor in your DC collection, and will be arriving in stock this February. Pre-order now and we’ll ship the moment it’s available.




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