The Ultimate Batmobile RC Vehicle Has Arrived!

Get a jump start on the most anticipated movie of the year with the Justice League Movie Ultimate Batmobile RC Vehicle.

This must-have item pulls out all the stops, and comes with the bells and whistles everyone has come to love about the Batmobile! The Tumbler can be controlled via remote or an app-enabled tablet or smartphone. Drive the Batmobile from Batman’s point of view through a camera in the cockpit. The Batmobile features rotating missiles on its hood and makes roaring engine sounds. There’s also a real smoking exhaust pipe!

The vehicle will also come with a Batman figure that features articulated arms that will bend with the steering wheel and his foot presses on the gas pedal to simulate the Dark Knight driving the Batmobile.

This incredible RC vehicle will be available in November 2017. Place your pre-orders with Entertainment Earth now and receive free shipping!

Batmobile RC car



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