BB-8 is Ready to Keep You Company

Star Wars Rogue One BB-8

The Star Wars movies are a universe of inspiration. One of the most inspiring realms that have come out of the Star Wars universe is that of the droids. Droids are heroes, villains, companions, and problem solvers. In the Disney-era of Star Wars, there is no droid more exciting and new than BB-8. What’s really great about BB-8 is that, as new as he is, he is in keeping with the original aesthetics of the Star Wars universe, proof that the franchise is in the right hands.

Another way that you know that Star Wars is in the right hands is through the merchandising. It’s not huge secret that Star Wars has made its money on selling high quality toys and collectibles. And droids have always made some of the best toys available. This Star Wars Rogue One Rip N Go BB-8 Beeping and Moving Droid is no exception!

Put BB-8 on any flat surface, pull the ripcord, and watch him go! This ball droid is ready for action! It’s easy to imagine the continuing adventures of this expressive little droid as he helps to bring the Resistance into full control of the galaxy. Pull his ripcord and he will show you his best moves, as he makes unique and exciting droid sound effects.

This is part of the new wave of Star Wars Rogue One toys that are being rolled-out in anticipation of the new adventure.

Star Wars Rogue One Rip N Go BB-8 Beeping and Moving Droid Figure



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