Now You Can Use the Force to Stay Dry in the Rain

Star Wars Lightsaber Umbrella

As an adult, there aren’t too many excuses to walk around carrying a lightsaber. Sure, kids can get away with it, free of suspicion, but it just doesn’t go with a suit and tie. But now, any sign of inclement weather will let you show off your Jedi weapon!

The Star Wars Lightsaber Tricolor Umbrella with Flashlight is simply the coolest umbrella ever to hit the market. This combination piece of raingear and Star Wars prop lets you pick the color of your personal lightsaber. You can set it to blue, like the weapon that was passed down to Luke from his father, Anakin (somewhat less willingly than Obi-Wan initially suggested). With the push of a button, you can change the blade to green, like Yoda’s or the one that Luke constructs before his final battle with Vader. Or, you can proudly strut the Dark Side by changing your lightsaber to red!

Picture the image of holding this umbrella during a rainstorm; a lantern in the surrounding darkness, the LED lights change between the three color options, so you don’t have to commit to any particular side of the force for long. And, in an excitingly pragmatic twist, the hilt of the lightsaber has a built-in LED flashlight, for finding your footing in the dark or finding your keys on the floor of the car.

This is the umbrella of every Star Wars fan’s dream: an elegant umbrella for a more civilized age. Pre-order yours today at!

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Star Wars Lightsaber Umbrella



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