It’s Showtime! Here’s Why This Beetlejuice Bishoujo Is the Ghost with the Most, Babe!

Beetlejuice joins the Kotobukia Horror Bishoujo series, and fans are going wild. With all the charm, pizazz, and wit of the original incarnation of Beetlejuice, artist Shunya Yamashita adds a touch of cuteness and sexy style. The Beetlejuice 1:7 Scale Statue was announced all the way back at SDCC 2019 and fans have been waiting for genre-mashing madness ever since.

The black and white striped jacket is the first aesthetic you will notice that this statue brings from the world of the dead. The green hair is another dead giveaway. The sprightful attitude and the cemetery are also straight out of the cemetery from the movie classic. But you’ve never seen Beetlejuice sporting a half-ponytail while filing nails. The fashionable looks certainly updated the Beetlejuice style, with all the familiar notes ringing loudly, but the new side shines through. This sexy maven is something totally new.

Standing about 8 1/2-inches tall, this is a Beetlejuice Bishoujo statue that demands attention. This finely sculpted statue looks like a dynamic, flowing drawing come into a three-dimensional world. The fine craftsmanship of the coattails lends a whimsical feeling to the whole statue, bringing the playfulness into sharp focus. You can order your bio-exorcist today from Entertainment Earth!

Kotobukia Horror Bishoujo



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