Enjoy the Whimsy of Hayao Miyazaki with Studio Ghibli Diorama Statues

Studio Ghibli Dioramas

Studio Ghibli has produced some of the most magical and beautiful animated films in cinematic history. Now you can take part of the magic home with you with Studio Ghibli Dioramas from Benelic Limited!

Spirit away to your house a gorgeous statue of the bath house from Spirited Away. With a tremendous amount of detail, once you see this piece, you’ll remember every scene where Chihiro is forced to work under the witch Yubaba. You can even see No-Face on the bridge!

It measures 8-inches tall x 6-inches wide x 6-inches long and comes on a black base.

Next are two dioramas from the utterly adorable My Neighbor Totoro. The Kusakabe family home looks delightful as this diorama, with its quaint colors and shrubbery. It measures 9 3/4-inches long x 7-inches wide x 5 1/4-inches tall.

The second diorama shows the cuddly Totoro at the bus stop. Measuring approximately 9 1/4-inches tall, Totoro sports his familiar adorable expression. Both of these dioramas also have LED lights in them.

Travel to the whimsical world of Hayao Miyazaki with these beautiful statues, currently available for pre-order at Entertainment Earth with free shipping and an expected arrival of later this month.

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» Pre-Order Spirited Away Bath House Diorama

Spirited Away Diorama

» Pre-Order My Neighbor Totoro Kusakabe House Diorama

My Neighbor Totoro House Diorama

» Pre-Order My Neighbor Totoro Bus Shelter Light Up Diorama

My Neighbor Totoro Bus Stop Diorama



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